Nicki Minaj - Majesty ft. Eminem & Labrinth

2 years ago

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[Chorus: Labrinth]
Whatever you say, Mrs. Majesty (oh, oh)
Whatever you want, you can have from me (oh, oh)
I want your love, just lead me on
Won't give it up, hey, hey, hey, hey
’Cause I'm a sU-Cker for ya
Boom shang-a-lang-a-lang
Boom shang-a-lang-a-lang

[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
Uh, uh, yo, I got the money and the power now
The G5'll get me out there in an hour now
The MAC movin’ like crack, I'm sellin' powder now
G-game over, locker room, hit them showers now
I got the trophies and the catalogue
Just did a deal, Mercedes-Benz, check the catalogue
I'm buyin' buildings, we don't buy the blogs
The Nicki challenge when I fly to Prague, uh

[Refrain: Labrinth]
'Cause I'm a sU-Cker for you
Boom shang-a-lang-a-lang
Boom shang-a-lang-a-lang

[Verse 2: Nicki Minaj]
Uh, yo, who want it with Nicki now?
I smoke ’em like hippies now
They see me, say,

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