Chevy Woods - New 90's

1 year ago

Today marks Chevy Woods 37th birthday and to celebrate, he's gifted his fans with a brand new project. The Taylor Gang rapper released his new album, New 90s earlier today which consists of twelve new tracks.

The rapper didn't give fans much of a notice as he announced the project on Friday. New 90s finds Chevy holding down the majority of the project on his own but he does enlist Wiz for some assistance. The Taylor Gang head honcho joins Woods on both "No Love Songs" and "Karl Kani."

Chevy Woods has been consistently blessing fans with new music in the past year. In mid-December, the rapper came through with his project, Lewis Park Legend which followed June's 81.

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Chevy Woods - Wwgd

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Chevy Woods - No Love Songs (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

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