Young Scooter - Drug Deals

1 year ago

Does Young Scooter continue to stand on his own, or does the Freebandz veteran fall by the wayside?

For nearly a decade, Young Scooter has been one of the mainstays of Atlanta street rap. A man who claims to make “counting music” (as in money, if you aren't aware), Scooter has provided dozens of anthems, earning thousands of listeners in the process. A long time collaborator of ATL legends like Gucci Mane, Young Thug and Future, Scooter’s new project Trippple Cross features the latter two in abundance. But is the project worth the wait, or is Young Scooter starting to finally run out of steam?

As the chemistry between Scooter and his longtime collaborators has been a key selling point, some emphasis should be placed on how much Trippple Cross benefits from the collaborations. Young Thug is in a rarefied form here, from the effortless breeze of his hook on “Bread Crumbs” to the demented adlibs peppering the background of the self-titled track. Considering this is the most concrete burst of output from Thug in a while (who is apparently taking a year off music), it’s bittersweet to hear him refined and focused. It might be a while.

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