Westside Gunn - Vivian At The Art Basel ft. Your Old Droog

10 months ago

There's an aesthetic to Westside Gunn’s full-length debut that feels both familiar and completely unique in and of itself.

Flygod is our modern-day Only Built 4 Cuban Linx..., and Westside Gunn, alongside his brother Conway and lead producer Daringer, created one of the most visually stunning and world-building mafioso rap albums of the decade.

Flygod isn't just a project demanding your attention at every single sample flip. It's a tour de force that puts a gun in your face and tells you to empty your pockets while bible scriptures, luxury street raps, and

boom-bap drums play lookout from behind. Westside Gunn ropes you in from minute one and then locks the door behind you. Except the joke is on him—you never planned on leaving.

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