Ab-Soul - "Bohemian Grove"

11 months ago

Widely regarded as Ab-Soul's best release, Control System was forged by a set of circumstances many wouldn't be able to handle, let alone transcend through the creation of one the decade's best hip-hop records.

The loss of longtime girlfriend Alori Joh sent Soul down a path of introspection and experimentation with both drugs and thought that formed a creative pressure cooker, exercising the parts of Soul's pain and confusion that he wasn't able to deal with outright.

"Terrorist Threats" and "SOPA" find Soulo at his most ferocious, while tracks like "Empathy" and "The Book of Soul" showcase a level of intimacy that few emcees allow themselves to access. Give Control System another run-through and see if you escape with dry eyes.

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Ab-Soul - "Track Two"

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Ab-Soul - Terrorist Threats" (Feat. Danny Brown & Jhene Aiko)

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